Journey through Structural Integration:

Structural Integration is a system of soft tissue manipulation with the objective of realigning the body structurally and harmonizing its fundamental movement patterns in relation to gravity.  Wikipedia

How does Structural Integration work?

The body is constructed of a webbing of soft tissue that provides structural support and is responsible for forming the shape of the human body. Life has a way of misshaping the fascia, such as injuries to the body or restrictions. The fascia can also be affected through stress, emotional or physical, as well as illness or surgeries.

These factors causes imbalance to the fascia webbing thus causing the fascia to shorten or become “tight”.  By manipulating the connective tissue or “fascia”, the practioner can move the fascia toward the place in the body where it really belongs.

Why Structural Integration?

*Physical restrictions and imbalances in the body causes gravity to exert force unevenly. This causes the body to require or use more energy to move.

Physical restrictions are due to surgeries, illnesses, injuries, and stressors, both physical or emotional.
Restrictions occur whenever the tissues become tight or “shortened”.

*Through SI, the body feels “lighter”, “longer”, and “more upright”.

What are sessions like?

  1. SI consists of ten sessions also known as the “Ten Series”. Each session lasts 90 minutes. Appointments are best scheduled 1-3 weeks apart.
  2. You work with your practitioner in the session. You may be asked to focus on your breathing or given movement guess to help maximize the outcome of the work.
  3. You will be given “homework”, points of focus, after your session.

Does Structural integration Work?

Yes. SI can last for years after completion of the “Ten Series”. You will receive “before/after” photos of your sessions. Attention to your posture and movement ques will enhance the results you experience.

It is recommended to wait in receiving body work for several months after  a series to allow the body to integrate the work. Some clients choose to follow up with advanced sessions at a later time as needed.

$155 structural integration per session